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Supported Programs


Omega Village Enrichment Program (OVEP)

Our Omega Village Enrichment Program began in December 2003 with a small group of 10 young males, ranging from age 8-13.  We met once a week, twice a month at the Marion T. Academy in Wilmington, DE.  At each session, volunteers presented a famous African-American men in the form of a biographical sketch, and the young males are randomly selected to read “bullet points” about this man.  While reading, a variety of comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness questions are posed to the youngsters.  Additionally, basic mathematics-related questions are asked of the students.   After the biographical portion of each session is completed, the young males are actively engaged in activities on topics such as leadership, why they take certain courses in school, good health habits, etiquette, career awareness, test-taking skills, character development, conflict resolution, Scrabble, and Chess/Checkers.  The students are given pizza and drinks, provided by a sponsor of OVEP, at the beginning of each meeting.

In September 2004, OVEP was expanded to include a second site at the Fletcher-Brown Boys and Girls Club in Wilmington, DE.  This site operated using the same format as the original site. 

In October 2009, OVEP went through a rebirth and is now operating in collaboration with the Maurice Moyer Academy.  Previous participants and new students from Moyer constitute the pool of young men who are a part of the program.

2010 brings about another change in the program;  Starting in October, all OVEP sessions will be held at Prestige Academy. 

Prestige Academy prepares young men in grades 5-8 for admission to and success in demanding college preparatory high schools.

In a highly structured, achievement-oriented school culture, Prestige Academy students develop a strong academic foundation in the core subjects and the REAL values necessary for success: Respect and Responsibility, Excellence in Behavior, Academic Mastery, and Leadership.   Below is a kink to Prestig Academy's website.


In addition to the bi-monthly sessions, both groups of youngsters participated in cultural and recreational activities such as our annual toys for tots, bowling, golfing and peer mentoring.


 A broader range of cultural, educational, and recreational activities are being planned for the future!

Toys for Tots/Breakfast with Santa

In its 10th year Toys for Tots is a collaborative community service project with the Kingswood Community Center of Wilmington, DE. 

The purpose of this venture is to provide a cheerful social gathering for children and their parents during the holiday season.  Volunteers shop for clothing, toys, and arts and crafts supplies for the children who range in age from 5 – 10 years old.  Additionally, they purchase and prepare breakfast for the families.   While the children are involved in games and craft activities, parents are engaged in workshops on how to help their children be successful in school, etc..

Each year in December, N.U. Friendship Outreach host children and their parents as its guests for this holiday celebration, with a visit from St. Nick who adds joy and excitement for all in attendance.  This event has grown from 40 youth and parents in 2001 to over 100.

Talent Hunt

The Talent Hunt is a mechanism for youth of our community to express their performing and visual arts skills.  Talent Hunt winners have appeared at the Apollo Theater, Radio City Music Hall, the Eastman Theater in Upstate New York, the Philadelphia Academy of Music and Civic Center, and in other performing arts venues across the United States.  

N.U. Friendship Outreach has been a proponent and supporter of the Talent Hunt by implementing an exciting talent competition in each year of its existence.  Students are required to complete an entry application and to prepare themselves for an electrifying display of talent.  Prizes for the winners range from $700 for first place to $300 for third place.  All contestants receive certificates of participation.  

The Talent Hunt is a signature event of N.U. Friendship Outreach, Inc. and has been rewarding to us, as well as to the many gifted youth who have participated over the years.  We will continue to search for and support our talented young people!

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